Mjølner Shipping Holdings LLC (“Mjølner”) and MID-SHIP Capital LLC (“MID-SHIP”) are pleased to announce the expansion of their joint venture with the launch of their second fund, Mjølner Product Solutions LLC (“Product Solutions”)

NEW YORK, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mjølner Shipping Holdings LLC (“Mjølner”) and MID-SHIP Capital LLC (“MID-SHIP”) today announced the successful closing of a product tanker-focused investment fund, Mjølner Product Solutions LLC (“Product Solutions”), a Marshall Islands company.

Product Solutions was formed to provide investors with efficient access to vessel trading exposure in the product tanker market and follows the crude tanker fund launched by the joint venture in 2017. Mjølner and MID-SHIP will provide all services pertaining to Product Solutions, including commercial management, risk management, finance and investor relations.

R.J. Lyons, Mjølner’s President & CEO, said, “we are excited to partner with MID-SHIP for the Product Solutions fund. We believe that the prevailing market environment will offer investors premium rates of return and we look forward to efficiently and effectively deploying capital on their behalf.”

Dean Fezza, MID-SHIP’s CEO, said, “we couldn’t be happier with our Mjølner partnership and view Product Solutions as a natural expansion of the platform. We look forward to commencing trading.”

About Mjølner Shipping

Mjølner Shipping is a marine asset manager that provides turnkey commercial solutions to Owners, Investors, Refiners and Traders around the globe. Mjølner’s primary focus is to generate premium rates of return to its clients by implementing trade strategies geared toward optimizing utilization of the asset(s). For additional information please visit: www.mjolnershipping.com

About Mid Ship Capital

MID-SHIP Capital provides principal and investment banking services to the energy, commodities and transportation sectors. MID-SHIP Capital’s team of finance professionals deliver solutions based on deep knowledge of the complexities of global supply chains. Investment banking services are offered through MID-SHIP Securities LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MID-SHIP Capital. MID-SHIP Securities is a licensed broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a member of SIPC (www.sipc.org) and a member of FINRA (www.finra.org). For additional information please visit www.midshipcapital.com


Mjølner Product Solutions LLC
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Email: solutions@mjølnersolutions.com

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